Shouty Electoral Candidates

On Friday, as I was teaching a few youngsters, a man with a microphone stood outside my house and bellowed annoying stuff about upcoming elections. He stayed there for about 20 minutes, shouting on and on about stuff which doesn’t matter to me as I am not able to vote. I am not his target audience, I know. However, I live in a suburban residential area where few people are walking the streets during the working day. His target audience was not commuters, or passers-by. There were none of them around. His target audience was people in their own homes who he made sure could hear him whether they wanted to or not. He seemed to think it was acceptable to invade people’s most private of areas – their own homes – without the slightest of invitation. I get annoyed at the election vans that pass by shouting candidates’ names and have written before about how, were I able participate, that would be one way of ensuring you didn’t get my vote, but at least those vans come and go within a few moments. This setting up shop outside people’s homes and cranking up the decibels for a solid twenty minutes was far more infuriating. It left me wondering two things. The first was whether there could be anybody, anybody, who welcomed such an incursion and would be encouraged to vote for such a candidate. The second was whether my neighbours and any passing motorists would find it amusing were I to run outside and give the chap a ferocious wedgie.

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