Two Years

Two years have passed. On Friday, I read in the newspaper a heartbreaking tale of a graduation ceremony in one of the towns destroyed by the tsunami. Four certificates were awarded to students who should have been there; children who didn’t make it. What should have been a moment of joy for parents, for friends, for teachers couldn’t help but serve as a harrowing reminder. It was, of course, lovely that those children were included and their names read out. It was lovely that they were not forgotten. They never will be. For with every birthday, every graduation ceremony, every New Year, every vacation, every simple view of the sea, and every occasion which is usually the preserve of joy, a parent will be grief-stricken. Those parents don’t need such reminders for what they have lost, of course; that hole will always be there. But for them we should spare a thought and remember how lucky we are to be able to enjoy the simple pleasures that come with the calendar. Because, whether two years or twenty, for some it will make no difference.

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6 Responses to Two Years

  1. Locohama says:

    Yeah, nicely said. I will, and have now, spared a thought for them.

  2. togainunochi says:

    Beautifully said. I still get tears when I think of all that happened.

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