BOAC Flight 911

Next week, I shall be boarding a plane and going on a mini-break with my good wife. We will likely pass close to Mount Fuji. I am not particularly happy about this. Mount Fuji, you see, may have had a hand in one of Japan’s worst aviation disasters.

Back in March 1966, a Boeing 707 operated by British Overseas Airways Corporation took off from Haneda Airport, bound for Hong Kong. It left Tokyo just before 2 o’clock in the afternoon. As it climbed, it took a right turn over Tokyo Bay, passed north of the town of Odawara and then turned right again towards Gotemba City and Mount Fuji. The plane broke up in mid-air and crashed near the mountain. All 113 passengers and 11 crew members died.

The pilot of the craft was an experienced and capable man and speculation immediately began that severe weather conditions were at least partly responsible for the accident. The subsequent investigation led to a belief that the plane had experienced clear-air turbulence which, as the name suggests, is turbulence without any visual clues as to its presence. Such turbulence is often caused by lee-waves, where changes of atmospheric pressure and temperature are caused when the wind blows over the mountains and causes vertical displacement within the currents. The motion forces changes in the speed and direction of the air within the current, and if you happen to be in a passing plane things will likely get quite hairy. You certainly wouldn’t want the crew to be pouring your coffee at that moment.

At the time of the accident, The New York Times reported that the vicinity of Mount Fuji was notorious for its difficult currents. They don’t tell you that when you fly into Tokyo. The pilot never comes on in his posh reassuring voice to say,  ‘Now, ladies and gentleman, if you look out of the window to your left you will see Mount Fuji, looking splendid with her snowy peak and notorious difficult currents that can cause pilots to lose control of their aircraft.’

At the time of the accident, winds at the summit of Mount Fuji were measured at 60 to 70 knots. Shortly after the crash a United States navy helicopter flew into the area to search for wreckage. The pilot experienced such severe turbulence that he feared his craft may break up, too. Fortunately he managed to land safely, but it was clear the conditions near the mountain were treacherous.

One of the passengers left an important clue behind. That person, in all the horrific terror that must surely have occurred, managed to shoot an 8mm cine film. Despite the fact that the flight data recorder was destroyed by fire, the film footage somehow survived the accident. It showed that just before the accident the plane was indeed experiencing severe turbulence. Debris was scattered over 16 kilometres. The probable cause given by the Aviation Safety Network was this: ‘The aircraft suddenly encountered abnormally severe turbulence over Gotemba City which imposed a gust load considerably in excess of the design limit.’ Today a memorial to the victims of that disaster stands on the Gotemba side of Mount Fuji.

Now, hearing this tale has me a bit worried. I have travelled to and from Japan often, and until now had always quite liked the bit when the pilot announces that we are just passing Mount Fuji. I used to look out the window and  smile and agree that, yes, she does look splendid. It’s going to be a bit harder to enjoy that next time, though. I suspect while others crane their necks and ‘ooh and ahh’ there will be one tall chap adopting the brace position quietly incanting a shaky mantra of, ‘Please don’t crash, please don’t crash, please don’t crash.’

There were some reports that it may even have been the pilot’s desire to show his passengers the pleasing sight of the volcano that inadvertently led to the crash in 1966. Before take-off, the crew amended their clearance request in order to climb westbound on a route that would take them nearer to Mount Fuji. The pilot, of course, wouldn’t have seen any evidence of the turbulence that awaited, and if he did just want to please the passengers, the whole event is all the more tragic.

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  1. Beauty and catastrophe, sometimes right next to each other. I pray that your trip will be a safe one.

  2. Tom says:

    The last time I went on a plane, every time there was turbulence it felt like riding a rollercoast and I had a great time. I guess not everybody is like that. Those tall mountains like to let everybody know that they are still there in the face of our fancy shmancy updated technology.

  3. Hiyodori says:

    For a good discussion of turbulence, see:

    And I apologize for being pedantic, but BOAC flight 911 was a Boeing 707. The 747 didn’t debut until 1969.

    I’m sure you’ll have (or are already having) a great trip!

  4. Joan says:

    My very dearest friend, a TWA stewardess named Eileen Jenkyl, was on that plane, on vacation. She came to me in a dream exactly one year later. She was smiling and looked radiant. She told me quite clearly that she was alright. As if to make sure that I had completely understood her message, she returned again, in early March of 1968. The scenario was precisely, identically, the same, as if cut from a film clip. Once again, she told me that she was fine. I do believe this with all my heart, but I have to confess that it was the worst test of faith I have ever experienced. Devastating to this day, as I contemplate yet again her terror, and think of what they all endured. I was with Pan Am at the time and continued flying. Thank you very much for your thoughts and I do hope that you had a truly wonderful trip, filled with happy times and wonderful memories.

    • cochranmary says:

      Joan, I just discovered this blog last night. Your story is bittersweet, yet soothing in a way. To avoid getting too wordy here, you can read my story in my 1/4/2014 reply post. I’ve been wanting to research & write about this for a long time. I’m very emotional about it and would love to chat with you…if you’re open to do so. I’m just beginning to connect with others who lost loved ones or have a connection to the story of flight 911. Hope to hear from you. Cheers and Happy New Year to you!

    • cochranmary says:

      Hi Joan,
      My name is Mary – Hope you are well! I’ve left my story & a few comments on this blog and am hoping to chat with those who also have a connection to flight 911. If you’re open to it, let me know. If not, I understand. I live in Dallas & my email is:
      Take care,

  5. Pam says:

    Thank you for the article. I am one of the children left behind. Both my mom and dad were killed on this plane when I was nine years old. May their names and lives never be forgotten. Ray and Iola Chamberlain, TK employees

    • cochranmary says:

      Hi Pam – My heart breaks for you & your family. I am connected to this story for very different reasons – it is posted as a reply to this blog on 1/4/2014. I’ve been wanting to research and write about this for a long time. If you’re open to chatting further, let me know. It would mean a lot. Hope you have a wonderful 2014 – Happy New Year.


    • cochranmary says:

      Hi Pam, hope you are well. We briefly “chatted” 2 months ago & health issues kept me from keeping up the conversation. The BOAC story is on my mind every day – I’m learning more from my family & internet. And btw, yes…I immediately thought of the eerie symbolism of Flight 911 & 9/11. If you’re open to it, I’d love to chat more with you & others – share our stories. Reach out any time! (((hugs)))

      Mary Pettigrew

  6. Thank you for reading. I can not begin to imagine what this must have been like for both you and your parents. Indeed, for all who were on board may they not be forgotten.

  7. Debra McNeill says:

    I was also an orphan from that flight at age 13. My parents were also with TK…Harold and Beverly Carter.

    • I’m very sorry to hear that. You know, it is so hard for people not associated with such tragedies to understand the reality of how awful and how real these situations are. Receiving messages from people who were directly affected help us to understand better, and to remember that this isn’t just a ‘story’ from days gone by. This is something that devastated lives in an instant. Thank you for leaving your message.

    • cochranmary says:

      Hi Debra,
      Was so sorry to read about your loss. I’m just now discovering many others who were also affected by or connected to the 1966 tragedy. I’ve been emotionally wrapped up in it for awhile & finally decided to try writing about it. To avoid getting to wordy, my story of how I’m connected to this tragedy is posted as a reply on 1/4/2014. I’d love to chat, so if you’re open to chatting further about this, please let me know. Happy New Year.


    • cochranmary says:

      Hi Debra – Hope your weekend was nice! I’ve been MIA with health issues for awhile, yet BOAC stays in my head & I’m still researching. I’ve saved your previous comments & would like to connect with you sometime to share stories/info…if your up to it. Thanks!

      Mary Pettigrew

    • paula prince rivera says:

      hey i dont know it you will get this but i knew your parents

  8. Al Finegold 425-747-5742 USA says:

    I was peripherally involved in that horrible, tragic disaster. I was working in Korea for a US Government agency, and flew back to my home in Honolulu on Friday, March 4, 1966 on a Northwest Airlines flight from Seoul, headed to Tokyo, and then on to Honolulu. I vividly recall that a Canadian Pacific plane (Flight 402) had just crashed at Haneda Airport in Tokyo an hour or so earlier, the runways were closed except for brief periods when the weather ceilings lifted a bit and would have permitted risky landings, and investigations were taking place, so after circling Haneda for some period of time, we diverted an hour or so flight time away to Fukuoka Airport in southern Japan, at a US military airfield.

    There were probably a dozen other large jetliners on the tarmac that also diverted there. The Fukuoka military base was operational but was not readily equipped to handle the thousand or more incoming passengers for an overnight stay, so we had to wait on our planes for awhile while the base people opened up mothballed barracks, collected blankets for us, etc. We then debarked and were taken to barracks, and perhaps fed at some point.

    The passengers on our NWA flight shared a large barracks with passengers from BOAC Flight 911, and I recall that the big topic of conversation was how lucky we all were that we weren’t on the Canadian Pacific flight that had crashed at Haneda a few hours earlier, and so very thankful that our pilots had diverted to Fukuoka instead of trying to force a landing at Haneda during the brief periods when landings were permitted . The next morning, I also vividly recall that we said hugged and said goodbye to the passengers of BOAC flight 911, as our NWA flight left first for Tokyo and then onward to Honolulu. I believe we took pictures of each other in and outside the barracks, and we flew off. We landed in Tokyo for a short layover, flew to Honolulu, and when we landed in Hawaii, we learned that our brief friends from the BOAC flight had all perished over Mt. Fuji shortly after they had taken off from Haneda Airport. No announcement had been made on our transpacific flight…..thank goodness.

    To this day, the entire episode is burned into my psyche and I can still recall both the camaraderie and gratitude among all the passengers in the barracks that night, and the horrible, unbelievable feeling when we heard the news about BOAC after landing in Honolulu.

    I’d be glad to discuss this further with anyone else involved, directly or indirectly.

    Al Finegold
    Bellevue, WA
    Today’s date: Dec. 6, 2013

    • What an awful experience that must have been. Thank you for sharing it.

      • Al Finegold 425-747-5742 USA says:

        I’m going to try to find any pictures I might have taken, they would probably be slides, and see if there are any recognizable faces that might be someone’s relative.

      • Debbie McNeill says:

        I would love to see the pictures. The last pictures I’ve seen of them were in a Life magazine article that had the group Thermo King photo along with pictures of the explosion in the air (someone on the ground had film of it).

      • Al Finegold 425-747-5742 USA says:

        Hi Debbie, I hope I’m able to find something. Our old slides are buried away and I have to find then and then go thru them. It may take a day or two or so. Do you have a link to the Life magazine article, don’t think I’ve ever seen it. Were your parents of Flight 911? And where do you live now? Al–

      • Debbie McNeill says:

        It was the March 18, 1966 edition of Life Magazine with Barbra Streisand on the cover. As I recall, it had a photo spread in the centerfold. My parents, Harold and Beverly Carter were with the Thermo King group. We lived in Orlando, FL. I was 13 and my brothers were 16 and 18 at the time.

      • Pam says:

        You are correct I was 9 and my parents where with Thermo King. Do you have the magazine? I do and if you want I could send you photos or post them her if possible. I hope you life was good. Pamela

      • Debbie McNeill says:

        I have a copy of the magazine somewhere, but I’d have to search for it. If you can find it easily, please post the pictures.

  9. cochranmary says:

    I’m a novice writer & just began researching the BOAC flight for personal reasons. I was born in Cape Girardeau, MO. in Feb. 1966. Sometime around my impending birth, my mother was very upset that her parents were soon leaving w/ a Thermo-King group to Hong Kong. I was to be the 1st grandchild & she desperately wanted them to stay at home. My grandparents complied with mom’s wishes to stay home, so they gave the plane tickets to their best friends. The shocking end-result on March 6th must have created excruciating emotional overload – a dream vacation forfeited, plane crashes, best friends & colleagues are dead, my grandparents live…& I am born. The sadness & guilt mixed with blessings & joy must have been overwhelming, unbearable. I’m filled with those same feelings now. Looking back, I sometimes felt as if I was looked at more special than the other grand-kids, but not until many years later when mom told me about the plane crash, did I know why. I ponder reason & purpose for my birth – how it caused immediate changes for my family & others. My brother, 4 cousins & myself are blessed. My cousins are still unaware of this life-changing story. The idea of never knowing my grandparents & where we would all be in our lives is unfathomable! I regret not talking to them about this story before they passed. I wonder if they ever talked about it at all. I may never know…

    • Wow, there must have been incredibly mixed emotions. Thanks for sharing your story and good luck with your writing.

    • Al Finegold 425-747-5742 USA says:

      cochranmary, what a tragic but joyful life experience for your family. There must be a word to describe that incredible /duality, but I’m not sure what it is. “Survivor guilt” is one phrase, of course, but maybe something like “remorseful joy” could be another. You may have seen my post about my peripheral involvement in the tragic event, and it’s very possible that I may have spoken with your grandparents’ friends that overnight for all of us in Fukuoka, Japan.

      Not meaning to be frivolous at all here, but my wife and I recently saw a romantic drama movie with a theme very close, in a way, to your grandparents giving away their plane tickets to their good friends and then learning about the fatal plane crash. It’s called “Bounce,” starring Ben Affleck and Gwynneth Paltrow. Here’s an link if you’re interested:

      Let me know if you want to communicate further.

      Al Finegold, Bellevue, WA

    • Pam says:

      I can relate my grandmother was going to go in my dad’s place. Instead my mother and father went. You are lucky the crash destroyed my life. (thermaking) have you ever thought about the symbolism around flight 911 and when we were attacked on 911

    • mike says:

      My neighbors where also both very good friends of the hollenbecks, and they lived 2 blocks away from us. My neighbors were also 1/3 of the original owners of the McDonalds franchise in southeast missouri. Also strange, the daughter of one of the 1/3 just had one of her children buy your grandparents house. (on CLR). I remember my neighbor crying when the hollenbecks were killed. I believe life happens for a reason…………not predestined……….. but for a reason for us to learn. We might never know the reason……… but i believe there is one.

      • cochranmary says:

        Hi Mike! WOW…I’ve been researching/ working on this project, reaching out to various people & something told me to look again at this blog and here you were! Yay! Can we chat sometime soon? I’ll share my info with you too. My email is, home# 214-350-0637, and cell 214-701-1830. Email me and we’ll try to take it from there?
        Thanks for this!

  10. cochranmary says:

    Today, I emotionally told my mother about finding this post along with the numerous replies attached from people affected by flight 911. At first, she was taken aback & quiet…then she opened up a little more about my idea to write about our story. As I said earlier, few members of my family know about the tragedy. Mom confirmed that my grandparents, other family members & friends didn’t talk about it – ever. Maybe it’s because that was a different generation – people kept to themselves, who knows. But, OH!!! How painfully hard it must have been on them! I’m going to “interview” my mom & dad soon about that time in 1966. Any other information or contacts you all can find for me would be terrific.
    Cheers – thank you,

  11. Pam says:

    I wish I knew more I was only 9 years old. There was a man in Canada at one time trying to write about this flight. And I have heard that the cause of the wreck as far as who was at fault is still being debated after all of these years.

    • Ruth Morgenthau says:

      My father was the only Canadian on this flight.
      It was discovered years later that these planes were defective.

  12. Pam says:

    I had two uncles who also worked for TK and have only seen them 2 times since the crash.

  13. Al Finegold 425-747-5742 USA says:

    For all of you who may be interested, I did a little Google research today, looking for articles and links to both the BOAC Flight 911 story and the CPAL (Canadian Pacific Air Line) Flight 402 story. The latter is the plane that crashed the night before in Tokyo in poor weather and visibility, after several attempts to land, waveoffs, and the start of the plane’s diversion to Taiwan, which was deemed unnecessary by the Tokyo tower at the last moment, when it hit first the runway approach lighting over the water just before the end of the runway, and then hit the 7′ seawall at the end of the runway. It’s the crash that triggered BOAC 911 and many other aircraft (including the NWA flight I was on) to deviate from a Tokyo landing to Fukuoka, Japan, that night, and ended up with the tragic loss of Flight 911 the next day. You’ll read that BOAC 911 actually taxied past the still smoldering hulk of Flight 402 on its way down the runway, moments before heading into the the very heavy clear air turbulence and wind shear it couldn’t handle over Mt. Fuji a short time later. There are many other interesting facts and circumstances in the various links, and includes both a newpaper photo of the whole Thermo King group of 75, and a heartbreaking story written by the BOAC manager in Tokyo.

    Here are both sets of links that contain much useful information, and perhaps some contradictory information, about both crashes. At the time, according to all accounts, the two crashes within 24 hours near Tokyo made it, up to that time, the most deadly day in aviation history.

    If you don’t want to relive some of the incredibly coincidental and bad luck details, I suggest you not look too closely.

    BOAC 911………..0.………..0.

    CANADIAN PACIFIC 402………..0.

    Al Finegold–

  14. Chris L says:


    Trying to solve a little mystery here. It states in one of your links the flight that diverted to Fukuoka was not flight 911, but the previous evening’s flight from Hong Kong to Tokyo. According to a 1966 OAG I have, this most likely would have been BA flight 910, scheduled to arrive Tokyo at 2050 on Fridays (the crash flight was on Saturday). On the other hand, flight 911 was scheduled to arrive Friday afternoon from Honolulu for what was a scheduled overnight stop (probably for a schedule re-adjustment, as was common on -round-the-world flights due to the problem of so many time zones.) Was it too diverted to Fukuoka, I wonder? Or is it possible you met the flight 910 passengers finishing their trip to Tokyo?



    • old says:

      I am not sure how to answer your question. I am only 1 of 4 children of Ray and Iola Chamberlain they were employees of Thermo King. All I know is that day when the plan exploded over Mt Fuji was the day that destroyed my life.

      • Al Finegold 425-747-5742 USA says:

        Yes, I noticed and was a little mystefied about the same thing. I think I also read in one of the links that the Thermo King group flew from Fukuoka to Tokyo on Sat. monring on a domestic Japanese carrier, not on BOAC, presumably to transfer to Flight 911 there. Therefore I suspect that you may be exactly right about them arriving into Fukuoka on BOAC (now known as BA) Flight 910. Perhaps the confusion, or maybe more likely the lack of precision in flight details, is because the trip is commonly or generically referred to as the Flight 911 tragedy, and the earlier routing and flight numbers aren’t always included. If that’s the case, then I would think that those of us on my plane knew we were in the barracks with the Thermo King group, not the Flight 911 group, since I doubt that we would have known their Tokyo departure flight number.

        On the other hand, it could be that the link you saw was incorrect. Here’s what Wikipedia says about the incident in the fifth paragraph down ( : “The aircraft arrived in Tokyo at 12:40 hours on the day of the accident from Fukuoka Airport where it had diverted the previous day due to conditions on the ground in Tokyo.[5]” And that little [5] at the end of the sentence links to a writeup by the Flight Safety Foundation;s Aviation Safety Network ( which says in pertinent part:

        Departure airport: Tokyo-Haneda Airport (HND/RJTT), Japan
        Destination airport: Hong Kong-Kai Tak International Airport (HKG/VHHH), Hong Kong
        Flightnumber: 911
        BOAC Flight 911 was a scheduled service from San Francisco (SFO) to Hong Kong (HKG) via Honolulu (HNL) and Tokyo (HND). The Boeing 707 was expected to arrive at Tokyo Airport at 16:45 on 4 March. However, due to poor meteorological conditions at Tokyo and because the precision approach radar (PAR) of the GCA was out of service, it diverted to Fukuoka (FUK) and landed there at 18:00. After staying overnight at Fukuoka, Flight 911 left for Tokyo at 11:25 and landed at 12:43. The aircraft was prepared for the next leg to Hong Kong and a flight plan was filed for a flight in accordance with the instrument flight rules via Oshima on airway JG6 to Hong Kong at FL310.

        So obviously there’s some confusion about what flight number landed where with whom. It’s my understanding, though, that the Thermo King group had already been in one or more places in Asia and was heading to Tokyo and then to Hong Kong, and if so, it wouldn’t make sense that they were on Flight 911 arriving from San Francisco and Honolulu the day before. It’s possible, I suppose, that Flight 911 did divert to Fukoka, as did Flight 910 with the Thermo King group, but a lack of seats on 911 meant the Thermo King group couldn’t board until Tokyo, so they had to take a domestic flight, and Flight 910 went somewhere else. Pure guesses at this point. Need more research to clarify.


      • Chris L says:

        old, Thank you for your comment. I can only begin to imagine the emotions you went through. I’m hoping in the intervening decades you might have been able to “rediscover happiness,” as a relative of a TWA flight 800 victim once put it.

      • cochranmary says:

        Hello ~ Are you and Pam siblings? She & I briefly “chatted” 2 months ago. I’ve posted my story & a few other things here, but it’s been awhile. I noticed a lot of new info, links, & contacts here last night, so I posted a new comment (dated 3/23/2014). If you’re open to chatting further, let me know. It’s ok if you don’t. Thanks!
        ~ Mary Pettigrew

  15. Al Finegold, says:

    Just found this link to photos of BOAC Flight 911, including a memorial that now stands just below the tree line on Mt. Fuji where the plane fell.

    • old says:

      Thanks for the photos I had not seen these. I forgot but will scan the life magazine this week and post.

    • Chris L says:

      Here is a 20 second video clip of flight 911, (you can hear the classic turbojet sound in the background), as it taxied by the Canadian DC-8. from a documentary on Japanese aviation history. I had no idea that yet another airliner was destroyed that same year in August, bringing to 4 the number of major crashes near Tokyo in a 6 month period. The BOAC segment starts at about 18:19.

      • Al Finegold, says:

        Chris, many thanks for finding and posting the video for all of us. I’ve heard that there was such a thing, and have been looking on the Intenet for it, but as a standalone clip. Din’t realize that it might be found as part of a much longer video. I’m sure there’s a way to extract that portion into a clip of its ow,n and perhaps a little of the CPAL segment right before it, if anyone were interested in doing that.

    • Chris L says:

      There are ways of downloading youtube videos, but I’m not sure how.

      Another basic question I have on this crash is, just how much risk does Fuji pose to aviation? Was this a one time freak, or a frequent hazard? Is it advisable to stay away from it as a general rule? I have been unable to find any generalized information on mountain rotors and the Mt. Fuji area, at least in English. . If anyone else can find some link on this I think we would all be very interested. There must have been countless other pilots before and since who went up close to Fuji to give a breathtaking view to passengers. There were reports of turbulence in the region on March 5 1966. I wonder if they came in time for the captain to make use of them? Or more likely, I would guess, his enthusiasm trumped over caution.

  16. Chris L says:

    Al, thank you for the further links. There is a short video of F911 taxiing by the CP DC-8 wreckage I found in the middle of a longer Japanese-produced video. Can’t find it right now. Have you seen it? Rather eerie.

    • cochranmary says:

      Hi Chris – I posted my story & a few comments a couple months ago, then I opened this up again last night & noticed the additional comments. Thanks for adding your important info! I haven’t yet looked at all the new links or the video, but I plan to. Do you have a personal connection to flight 911 or are you an aviation enthusiast?

      ~ Mary Pettigrew

      • Chris L says:

        Hi Mary,

        Thanks for your comments. Don’t have a personal connection. My interest probably stems from fear, which has lead me to understand the causes of accidents. Certain events have so affected me I feel I have lived through them personally. As you figured out, it’s also part of my aviation buff personality. This has given me a feeling of control over these emotions. The title of this blog lured me in like a magnet. Such a surreal event. I’ve always had this dual mentality towards flying: a love of aviation and a fear of it. I am happy to chat further, but I feel I won’t have much to add compared to those who were personally connected. I’m hoping that with time, most people can find their way back to positive ground after enduring such a loss.

        Best regards,

  17. cochranmary says:

    Forgive me for my absence. For the last 2 months I’ve been meaning to re-connect with everyone who’s commented & replied here, but health issues from MS kept me from doing so. My connection to this story is posted here around Jan. 2014. I’m still in the outline/planning stages of writing an essay & eventually a book about my family & the people/families affected by Flt 911. I’m consumed in thought with this and have continued to research with my family and via Google to help me make sense of everything. Oh, I wish I had asked my grandparents to tell me their story before they passed away. What were their thoughts & feelings about it all? All I know is, due to my impending birth, they decided to stay home & gave their plane tickets to their best friends, Mr. & Mrs.Hollenbeck of Cape Girardeau, MO. Mom says no-one spoke about it back then…not a word. So, I’m quite driven to move forward with this – to know more – to be respectful & factual – to be accessible to anyone who contacts me. AND, if anyone has other resources or people that I can contact, please let me know. I look forward to chatting with anyone who’s up to doing so. My contact info is:
    NAME: Mary Pettigrew.
    CELL: 214-701-1830

    Thank you – I hope everyone has a nice, peaceful weekend.

    • Martin Maloney says:

      Hi Mary,
      I am a son of one of the crew who died on BOAC 911. I was only 5 at the time but I am now busy researching the event because next year is the 50th anniversary of the crash. My fathers body, if the ever found it, was never returned to the UK but was buried in Japan so I have never been able to visit his grave. This is something I plan to put right next year and will be on Mount Fuji at the memorial at 14:17h 5th March 2016. What I want to know is how can I find out if other people left behind will be there next year. If anyone wants to contact me about this please email me
      Thanks Martin

  18. Ron Dale says: The photo of the 75 Thermo King people is a picture taken at the St. Fancis in San Francisco. The picture was not taken in Kyoto Japan as the newspaper reports. It is the same picture published in the March 1966 Life Magazine.
    That is my Fathers tanned smiley face in the middle of the group. My mother is in the picture as well. My parents did not die on Mt. Fuji. My parents attended the convention in San Francisco. They decided not to make the tour. Best decision ever made by anyone as far as my life is concerned.
    I was 10 years old at the time with 5 siblings. I don’t believe the number of orphans is correct. My mother as well as myself remember there being more like 253 in total. There about. We could be wrong. But that is what we remember
    I also remember how fortunate I felt. It came that close to being six more orphans. I remember thanking God in my prayers before bed time, that my Mother and Father were alive. I remember praying for the orphans who were all probably not much different than me. Except I knew well that My brothers and sisters had been the lucky ones.

    • cochranmary says:

      Hi Ron,
      Without going into details, my stories are scattered all throughout the comments section for you to peruse. I’d love to chat with you sometime. Our stories have a different outcome than others. Let me know. Thank you!

  19. Joan Wiegand says:

    Hello, once again, to everyone, I want to thank you, with all my heart, for your posts! I lost my very dearest friend, Eileen Jenkyl, on BOAC flight 911, and I wrote (2-2013) about her annual appearance – (on the date of the crash) – in a dream, the purpose of which was clearly to reassure me that she was still alright. Each and every one of your posts touched me and moved me beyond my words. For Mary, I hope that you’re feeling better now, and I encourage you to write about this crash that changed the lives of so many of us. I wrote a short story devoted to the circumstances and the personal dynamics which preceded, and then followed this most acutely life-changing event. It was therapeutic. As a radiant Eileen told me afterwards in March 1967 and March 1968, “It’s alright. I’m fine.”

  20. Al Finegold, says:

    Hi Joan, thanks for posting about your dream experiences, and it’s amazing that they seem to have come the very day of…. Kind of like the swallows returning to Capistrano exactly on schedule every year. There must be a God after all!

    Would you be willing to post your short story to share with us, if it’s not too personal and/or painful for you? I’m sure all of whose lives were touched by the Flight 911 crash in one way or another would love to read it and hopefully provide us another opportunity to reflect on the positive memories we have of our loved ones who were taken from us.

    Thanks, and best regards to you and all the others who have posted here.

    Al Finegold
    Bellevue, WA

    • jmwiegand2014 says:

      Dear Al,

      I’ve just finished going over the short story, and I have to confess something to everybody. I think that the details of the crash – as depicted in the story – would cause far, far too much pain to the members of this group. Especially to direct survivors, such as the orphans of this flight. With this thought uppermost in my mind, I think it would be better if I don’t send it. Remember the dreams. They were not the usual rambling products of our end-of-the-day nocturnal subconscious mind. They were very specific. They were identical in content, and the timing was too coincidental. In fact, they were both transcribed by a friend, who then sent the material to the Carl Jung dream research center in Switzerland.

      Love to all!


      • Al Finegold, says:

        OK, understand your feelings and reasoning concerning those who lost a loved or regarded one in the crash. Some of us were peripherally involved though. Would you be willing to make it available to those who request it, perhaps by email, so we can choose to ask and read if comfortable? Will leave that up to you, and won’t ask again, I promise. Regards, Al–

  21. osvaldo braessas says:

    in the plane died a group of female impersonators. One of them was an american who lived in France, Sonny Teal. A famous cuban writer, who lived in exiled in paris, named Severo Sarduy wrote a novel “Cobra”, the named of a brasilian transvestite who died in the crash, he was inspired in a newspaper first page of 1966 who said “Cobra dies in plane in Fujijama”.

    • Amber Humphreys says:

      Osvaldo, thankyou for your detail about the entertainers who were also on board. I did know about that as I was in Japan in 1970. I went there as an entertainer, a dancer, as I wanted to see Expo 70.The World exposition in Osaka. I flew all over Japan for my contracts almost weekly. Internal flights were All Nippon Airways. Without fail when flying from Kyushu they often mentioned as we flew by, the flight that crashed on Fuji, and that the pilot had taken a detour to show the beauty of Fuji and let people take photos. I heard from the agents there about the artists. More recently a close friend of Sonny Teal wrote about it in an article about his club in London’s west end, The Casino de Paris. and how devastated they were to lose him. I was searching for a passenger list when I found this site.

  22. Brad Klein says:

    Next March 5th is the 50th anniversary of the disaster. I still think about the crash regularly and wonder what might have been, for my parents also perished on Flight 911. I was an only child, just shy of turning two years old. Fortunately, my mother’s sister took me in as she already had three children.

    According to Wikipedia, 63 of us became orphans that day. I had no idea the number was that high.

    My father owned the travel agency that booked the trip for the Thermo King executives and their wives. For all his efforts, my folks were invited by the company to join them on the trip. It was one of the rare times my mother tagged along.

    Thinking of you all on this Thanksgiving eve.


    • Al Finegold says:

      Brad, very touching comments about your parents and your aunt, and thank you for reminding us of the 50th anniversary coming up on March 5th. The night before I was in a Quonset hut at the US’s Fukuoka Air Base in southern Japan, staying overnight in the barracks there with the passengers of BOAC Flight 911, because both the plane I was on, their plane, and a number of others were diverted there due to a major storm and the crash of a Canadian Pacific plane on the runway in Tokyo. I remember vividly that all of us were saying how lucky we were that we were safely there, and so glad that our pilots hadn’t tried to make it into Tokyo, our mutual destination. What a tragic moment for so many of you the next day, after that very sweet and happy and thankful night. More of my remembrances are posted above on Dec. 7, 2013.

      In a totally different vein, tonight, Thanksgiving Eve, is also memorable for me and our family for another aviation story, as my kid brother was a passenger on the 1971 Northwest Airlines flight from Portland to Seattle that was hijacked by D.B. Cooper, still the only unsolved hijacking, I believe, in the nation. That event fortunately ended happily for all involved….except perhaps for D.B. himself. To this day, no one knows for sure……..except perhaps for D.B. himself.

      Happy Holidays to all.


  23. Al Finegold says:

    Brad, very touching comments about your parents and your aunt, and thank you for reminding us of the 50th anniversary coming up on March 5th. The night before I was in a Quonset hut at the US’s Fukuoka Air Base in southern Japan, staying overnight in the barracks there with the passengers of BOAC Flight 911, because both the plane I was on, their plane, and a number of others were diverted there due to a major storm and the crash of a Canadian Pacific plane on the runway in Tokyo. I remember vividly that all of us were saying how lucky we were that we were safely there, and so glad that our pilots hadn’t tried to make it into Tokyo, our mutual destination. What a tragic moment for so many of you the next day, after that very sweet and happy and thankful night. More of my remembrances are posted above on Dec. 7, 2013.

    In a totally different vein, tonight, Thanksgiving Eve, is also memorable for me and our family for another aviation story, as my kid brother was a passenger on the 1971 Northwest Airlines flight from Portland to Seattle that was hijacked by D.B. Cooper, still the only unsolved hijacking, I believe, in the nation. That event fortunately ended happily for all involved….except perhaps for D.B. himself. To this day, no one knows for sure……..except perhaps for D.B. himself.

    Happy Holidays to all.


  24. Brad Klein says:

    Last evening, I contacted the US Embassy in Tokyo. Here was there prompt reply:
    This is in regard to your email dated December 14, concerning a memorial ceremony at the BOAC crash site. After searching press reporting on-line, we found that a ceremony was organized and conducted on July 28, 2015, in Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture. According to the report 65 people attended the ceremony, including the mayor of Gotemba City, representatives from the airlines, those who participated in the search and several family members of the victims. There is a memorial monument near the crash site in Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture, as you can see in the below link. (Japanese)

    Here is the Google Translation of the article:

    Memorial service at Fuji ’50 from Shizuoka) British overseas aircraft accident
    July 29, 2015 at 03 00 minutes

    Japan and South Korea Regional Director of British Airways tradition the flow of British Overseas Airways Corporation also visited a fight = Gotemba

    Boeing 707 of Haneda to Hong Kong of British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) crashed in Fuji (Piedmont) on March 5, 1966, in ’50 in the next year from the accident the passenger passenger 124 people all of whom were killed. The 28th at the cenotaph, which is provided to Tarobo close to the Fuji Gotemba port became the crash site, there was was invited bereaved families “’50 memorial service.”

    Company officials that 75 people are on board with employee travel has become a victim in the memorial service, other bereaved 3 family, police and Self-Defense Forces officials a total of about 65 people who hit the search has attended. Gotemba Wakabayashi Yohei mayor “This accident life of the nine countries people are deprived, became a miserable global news” in greeting said.

    Aircraft disintegrated in the sky Tarobo. Cause is caught up in strong turbulence called “mountain waves” that occurs around Mount Fuji, that was that excessive force is applied to the airframe. That captain topped the Large Groups et al was too close and try to show better Fuji is believed to have sparked.

    AzumaIchiro’s Saitama city that lost a father (then 61) in an accident (75) was attended for the first time. “At the time, was greater startle (academic) than sadness” Looking back with, “but increased the opportunity to ride on a plane to become a member of society, still scared to ride,” he said.

    We hope this information is helpful.


    American Citizen Services
    U.S. Embassy Tokyo

  25. Sharon says:


    I am a grand-daughter of Lewis and Evelyn Vanderwall, victims of BOAC 911. My grandparents lived in Chicago and were on the flight with ThermoKing. Unfortunately I never had the privilege of meeting them. With the upcoming 50th date in March I have spent some time investigating options for visiting Japan for the first time. I don’t really anticipate my father or my aunt going as I am sure it is still extremely painful for them, but for some reason I am drawn to the idea.

    Through my research I too have learned that there was a memorial service this past July 28, 2015. Through a Gotemba City Councilman I understand the service was led by a buddhist monk from the Daiyoji Temple and may have included primarily relatives of Japanese passengers, local officials, and reps from the airlines. I have photos of the memorial site and ceremony should anyone be interested.

    If anyone has knowledge of this, please correct me if I am wrong, but it is my understanding that Mt. Fuji is not accessible during the winter months. For this reason my plan to visit the memorial site just below the Gotemba Trail 5th Station has been postponed until the summer. Each year, typically in July, there is an annual “clean up” lasting about two hours at the memorial. In 2016 the date is set for July 20, weather permitting. It is my hope to be there and participate!

    Lastly, I’m thinking of contacting ThermoKing and British Airways to see if there are any plans or information. Not sure who to speak with or what I hope to learn, but you never know unless you ask, right? If anyone has made contact with either company or has any knowledge to share, I would greatly appreciate it. Happy New Year!


    • Debra McNeill says:

      Thanks for your information Sharon. I know I, as well as others, would appreciate it if you would post those pictures you mentioned. I was surprised to hear about that memorial after the fact. Too bad there isn’t a memorial here in the U.S. that we can attend.

  26. Al Fingeold says:

    Sharon, contacting British Airways and Thermo King is a great idea, perhaps their Public Relations departments, and perhaps mentioning that we have this online blog and many of us are interested in participating in some sort of appropriate memorial on March 5, 2016. Maybe on online conference call or website posting (Facebook?) or some sort of streaming activity that the companies would be willing to arrange. Or any other suittable way that we could commemorate as a group. Going to Japan in the summer is a great idea for those willing and able, but of course not everyone affected would be able to do that. Please let us know what you find out or hear. Thanks.

  27. Paul Kolbo says:

    Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of this tragedy. I lost my Uncle Henry Kolbo and his wife, Helen, on this flight. He was a national sales manager for Thermo King. I was too young to know Henry but I have his watch in my possession, given to me by my father. Henry was the oldest sibling, my father the youngest. Dad is the last surviving sibling so having renewed interest in Henry’s death has special meaning. Thanks for your blog. Paul Kolbo

  28. Kim says:

    I just read this post and would like to add my story and how I was connected to BOAC flt 911. Eileen Jenyl, Sandra Sexhus and me (Kim Hoveck) were TWA Flight attendants and roommates in Kansas City during training
    and were transferred to the TWA base in Chicago. We roomed together there for about 1 1/2 years.
    They transferred to Boston and i went to San Francisco. We were like sisters. Very close friends. We planned this trip around the world and it started out in San Francisco. We all applied to BOAC for pass travel documents. Theirs came through and mine did not, so I ended up flying on JAL.
    We met in Tokyo and spent several days there. We were anxious to fly to Hong Kong together so I again requested for a BOAC pass . Every time we went to an office they referred us to someone else to get this done. In the end we gave up. Their friend Linda Lohnes was also on the trip with us.
    Sandy and Eileen had gone to Keoyta the day before our flight was scheduled to depart so Linda and I stayed in Tokyo and wondered around the city. We tried to get our “tea leaves” read but the woman looked so shocked after seeing our “reading”, she would not tell us anything. We left and thought perhaps there wasn’t much to it. We watched the Canadian Flt try to land and crashed.
    The following morning sandy and Eileen returned to Tokyo and I left for the airport since JAL was leaving before Flt 911. After arriving at Haneda, I called them to say don’t come to the airport because everything was so difficult. When I checked on flt 911, my name was on the passenger list so I guess some of our efforts of trying to get my pass was effective as my name was added to the list. Since space was so tight I decided to stay with JAL. Sandy, Eileen and Linda decided to try to get a seat on the fight. They spoke with a Steward and he told them there were 12 available seats but they were having weight difficulties. Finally they were confirmed and they boarded flt 911. JAL ended up leaving 30 minutes later. As we taxied out, the remenants of the Canadian pane were still smoldering. Their flight lasted about 12-15 minutes before going down over Mt. Fuji. After learning about the flight when I arrived in Hong Kong, I stayed there 10 days because I could not bring myself to board another flight. I miss my friends and think of them often and think how unlucky that flight was for them. It was a terrible tragic disaster affecting so many people. I quit flying for TWA about 6 months after this happened.
    I do have a group picture,of us as well as many tourists, we took on a trip with Japan Gray Lines and since I did not know any of the people on the Thermo King tour I am not sure any of the people in this picture are from that group.
    Kim Holveck Jackson

    • jmwiegand2014 says:

      Thank you, Kim. Your contribution meant a great deal to me, and I’m sure to all of us. I’ve been having some trouble with word press. (Wrote a long post yesterday for you and for everyone, and then it totally disappeared.)
      Eileen Jenkyl – (who of course was one of the TWA flight attendants on vacation) – was a very dear friend. We met in college, and then kept in close touch. After college I joined Pan Am. It was perhaps a year or so after that that Eileen joined up with TWA. I visited her in Chicago, and also in Boston.

      Not too long before departing for her vacation in 1966, she visited me at my parents home. She was totally devastated! A TWA roommate of Eileen’s – (whom I had met) – a British Kenyan girl named Hazel, had gone home to see her parents and was found one morning in her bed, brutally stabbed to death in a Mau Mau attack. Eileen expressed feelings of guilt that she was leaving on an exciting trip to the orient when such a devastating thing had just happened to Hazel. I just listened and tried to be comforting.

      Then, one Sunday morning I awoke to find my parents standing at my bedside. They told me what had happened. I didn’t believe them! They showed me the Sunday paper. There she was. In a group of three. On the far right. Then I believed them. My sister drove me up to Eileen’s parents’ home in Pelham NY, where we spent a few hours. Then we left to go back home to Long Island.

      If you wish, there are a few previous posts from me that you might like to read. They describe two extraordinary dreams in which Eileen very clearly, and in no uncertain terms, reassured me that she was alright.

      I would dearly love to see any photos that you might have, and thank you again for writing.

      with love to everyone,


      • Kim says:

        Hi Joan, Thank you so much for the reply and the way your were connected to Eileen. She was a
        beautiful woman with an amazing spirit, so I am not surprised to hear about your dreams. Do you have a personal email you could send me, would love to send something personal.
        Thanks so much.

      • jmwiegand2014 says:

        Dear Kim,

        Thank you so very much for your note! My email is, and it should also appear right below. I still live on Long Island, and am happily married, with one beautiful daughter. What about you? I hope that you are well. I’d love to know more about you and your friendship with Eileen. She was so very special, and had a big heart.

        Sincere good wishes,


  29. Robert says:

    Hi all. I found this site while reading up on BOAC 911 and its horrible, terrible end. Please allow me to say to all who lost friends and/or loved ones (most especially to the-if my research is correct–85 “little ones” left without at least one parent: I AM SO, SO SORRY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE LOST….all lil’ ol’ me has ever had is my mom, and if I had to endure what you have all these years…..
    I am fighting tears as I write this, and it is my sincerest wish for all the bereaved of Flight 911 that God puts His loving arms around you, and that you come into the knowledge of Him. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you all….and again, I am SO VERY SORRY…..

  30. Rhonda says:

    Leaving USA tomorrow June 17, 2016 for Japan. So many emotions going through me at this time! I wanted to reply to some of the thoughts above, but then wanted to keep quiet. Traveling with me are my husband, oldest son, his wife, and three grandsons. You see I am one of the orphans left behind and my life changed for the………..

    • paul kolbo says:

      Were you a Thermo King orphan by any chance?

      • Rhonda says:

        Yes I am. Hoping to find the monument and the right spot

      • Al says:

        Rhonda, if you find the momument and the right spot, please take and post a few pictures to this blog if possible. It might be tough for some or many to see, but I think it would mean a lot to family members, friends, and other loved ones. And have a safe, smooth, and rewarding trip.

      • Rhonda says:

        Al, I will. I know what they mean to me.

  31. Rhonda says:

    I have tried to post pictures and can not figure out how on this site. I have tried to copy and paste but the paste button will not highlight, and there isn’t a attach button that I can see. So someone will have to help me through this one.

  32. Rhonda says:

    I have tried several different ways to post pictures and can not figure out how. Could someone please help me with this

    • Paul Kolbo says:

      I don’t think you can paste directly into the message thread. Can you post the pictures on an Instagram or Pintrest and then link it here?

      • Rhonda & Paul –
        Just a quick thought I’d pass by you…
        Possibly one of us can create a private group on Facebook for us to share stories, images or links easily & in a comfortable setting? In fact, “secret” Facebook accounts can be made where members are only added to a group by an administrator & *by invitation only*. PLUS, risks of scam or fake accounts is safe & secure by setting things up in this privacy manner. I’ve been an administer for several private support groups on Facebook (for multiple sclerosis) & the format works nicely. If anyone is interested, I’d be more than happy to set it up.

      • In fact, I can do a generic mock up & post the link here for others to comment or approve. Let me know…

      • I think this would be a good idea for everybody connected to the flight. i wrote the original post just because I found it a sad and interesting story. Other than that I have no connection with it. However, it seems that the comments section became a sort of discussion place for those concerned. I was happy to leave it there and approve anyone’s comments for others to see, but I don7t think it is the best way for all to connect. The post is still there if you do want to connect via it, but Mary’s ideas are probably better!

      • Fabulous! I’m so glad you agree with the idea! I truly think there are several of us who would love to have a more intimate, yet regular connection with others who also crave a community IN ADDITION to your wonderful blog!. The group atmosphere will be one of kindness & support. Hopefully, those of us who don’t know quite what to say or how to feel, will still join us . Even as a silent bystander, they might start to gather inspiration & insight from others, therefore a therapeutic benefit is created for all involved. No matter what, comfort is key.
        * I’m sure there are many people out there who haven’t yet Google searched BOAC or your blog, nor do they realize the impact you created for us!
        * I’m sure there are people who still have unanswered questions or images/memories. Everyone has a different story to tell, yet one facet remains constant for us all – March 1966

        * Lastly, I’ll send you a link to see what your thoughts are. The vision & basic definition of this new “secret” Facebook group will be clearly explained on the home page. I’ve located a few of us on Facebook, but could you please assist me in spreading the word to the BOAC readers when it’s ready to go?
        I truly see the potential for something special here & hope this can offer those of us connected to BOAC #911 a chance to bond.

      • To be honest I am amazed and pleased that this tiny blog piece somehow helped connect people related to the tragedy. If I can help those people connect with each other I am happy to do so. Of course, if you do set up a Facebook page I will direct anybody who finds their way here to go over there and contact the others.

  33. tanga399 says:

    My parents, William and Wanda Ligeros were on flight 911. I am in Tokyo right now and while doing research happened to find this blog. I would be interested in contacting those of you who may have a connection.

    • Yes…I found this incredible blog years ago & although I’m diligent on filing/saving every text & email connected with it, my personal interactions have been minimal lately. Tanga, I’m thankful for my insomnia tonight because it drew me to check my email…& to your comment. As it is officially Thanksgiving Day, I’m grateful for the reminder I have this opportunity to meet others here – each person with stories similar, yet uniquely diverse. I look forward to spending some much needed quality time reconnecting.

    • We’re set up on Facebook now as a private group. It’s already looking like a nice connection spot for us. Here’s the link:

  34. Here is a sample link! Thoughts? Are you on FB?
    I’ll start adding a little content to it & will TRY to email or WP email the various people who posted on your blog. Wonder if there’s a way to send a MASS WordPress email or a MASS post where all people can be reached in one swoop. Feel free to give my actual email & cell # to anyone who has questions.
    Cell: 214-701-1830
    Thx a million!

    friend requested Al Finegold & Brad Klein, but today is thanksgiving day, so people are busy.

    • I don’t actually use Facebook, although I can probably have a look through a friend’s account. I will of course pass your details to anybody who asks.

      • You’re fantastic & some of us are chatting on the group now.

      • Definitely pop in as often as possible! You’re the reason why this is happening. 😊

      • Hi there!
        Lots of interesting people, research & connections starting to come together! Do you like how it looks? How about the title & group description write up?
        I also “pinned” a special note about you, your blog & your original post which inspired all this – its pinned on the home page at the top so it’s always there. I urged all to read it. It’s important to me you are comfortable with everything & if you need to suggest anything otherwise, no problem!
        Here’s a long term thought…I’d LOVE to collaborate with you sometime & make something from this – a feature story, a book, short video vignette, or…documentary film would be fabulous!
        As I mentioned…a LONG TERM idea.
        See ya soon. Thx for all you do!!!!

      • I think it looks great. Thank you for mentioning the blog, but there really was no need. I am delighted you have found each other, but my role was just a fortuitous quirk of fate! It is great that you all have a place to share memories etc and I think you are the one who needs to be thanked and commended for doing that. As for your long term ideas – I think they all sound very interesting, but I think you would be best to do it with all the people who have a real connection with the flight, with the members of your page or those who had relatives on board. Do let me know if you go ahead with anything though, as I would love to see / read about it. Do you know, it’s odd, but I can’t even remember how I first found out about the crash in the first place!

      • Fate seems to be floating in the air these days! You’ve done a great job keeping the blog post active & that’s to be applauded. Thank you!

  35. Paul Kolbo says:

    I am very interested in the Facebook page. I do have pictures of the monument and would also like to post pictures of my Uncle Henry (who arranged the trip for Thermo King employees.) Very soon I am going to make a trip to Thermo King and get a picture of the plaque in their lobby and would very much like to post it in a place for everyone to see.

  36. Paul Kolbo says:

    Also, I would like to thank Good and Bad Japan for sponsoring this thread. You could have killed it off as it’s not relevant to the mission of the website but you recognized a small group out there who have a connection.

  37. Hello everyone!
    I’ve been uncovering a few interesting tidbits here & there & my weekend is mostly dedicated towards organizing my BOAC files.
    There are a lot of wonderful people on this blog, yet still can’t seem to find via Facebook to add into our group(s). I’m looking forward to knowing the people who also comment on the BOAC Facebook page…I added all as friends too. A couple people mentioned the idea of creating a website for us …especially for those who are older people who don’t understand or simply don’t use social media. I’m open to discuss ideas & details if anyone desires. WordPress has nice website platforms.

    **** ALSO, I’m EXCITEDLY compiling a couple video drafts for us to play with (kind of like a movie trailer with storyboard captions). Hopefully I will be able to post something today or tomorrow! Keep adding photos or info to the groups or on here. I’m set to receive all notifications.

    Paul Kolbo & I hope to reach out to Thermo King this week & I’ve drafted a letter, ready to send once we receive ACTUAL contact names/emails to work with.

  38. Linda Lopez says:

    My friend Toni died in the crash. She was about 20 years old at the time I believe. I have been unable to find a passenger list and I can’t remember her last name. Old age has caught up to me. If anyone has a copy of the passenger list please post it or email me at :
    To all of you who lost a loved one or friend in that plane crash I pray their memory will be a blessing

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