Good: Kakinotane

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4 Responses to Good: Kakinotane

  1. Mr. S. says:

    This country has the best drinking snacks ever… so long as you like salt and fish, of course. Me, I like the peanuts mixed with tiny fish, whatever that’s called.

  2. sibylleito says:

    Dear Goodandbadjapan,

    for sure I love reading your comments and I have to confess I agree with you mostly, but today I have to say, you are stating for me the worst example of Japanese cuisine. I do love Japanese food, but being around someone who eats Kakinotane is torture for me. Just a small hint of this smell and my natural vomit reflex kicks in. I am truly happy for those who love Kakinotane, but don’t eat it around me, please.
    I had even asked my now husband – when we were moving in together – to promise not to eat Kakinotane in front of me.

    All the best from Tokyo,

    Sibylle Ito

    • I don’t eat them that often but find that when I start I can’t stop. I agree with Mr. S that Japan has excellent beer snacks (and sorry to say I think kakinotane is one of them!) I feel much the same about uni, as you feel about kakinotane, but loads of people love it!

      • Mr. S. says:

        I love uni! However, there’s bad uni, and there’s wonderful uni. Still, I must say a woman should never take a lover who does not love uni.

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