Good: The Fukushima 50

Everybody knows that following the recent earthquake in Japan there have been severe problems at the nuclear plant in Fukushima. There is much debate about how dangerous, or not, the radiation levels are to people as far away as Tokyo, but what everybody agrees on is that the area surrounding the plant is certainly not safe. Not at all. And yet, to their eternal credit, we currently have a group of people working tirelessly to make this plant safer, to fix the problems, and to ensure that the rest of us can get on with our lives without further fear. These people, the Fukushima 50, are amazing people. If I tell you that I am astounded by even the bravery of window-cleaners  in non-earthquake countries, you may be able to grasp how much admiration I have for the people in Fukushima. And you should admire them and be grateful for them, too. Thoughtfully, Morgsatlarge at Blogorific has created a place where you can send your messages to the Fukushima 5o. We all like to be told we are appreciated, so why not pop over there and leave a message? Let them know we appreciate them. Here’s the link: Thank the Fukushima 50

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9 Responses to Good: The Fukushima 50

  1. jamesmallon says:

    Those disgusting ‘amakudari’ in charge of nuclear incidents at Tepco have done a bunk, leaving their ‘soldiers’ to take the risk: %$#@ing typical, Japan as well as home.

  2. judi(togainunochi) says:

    Thanks for publishing this. I have sent my message, hope others will, too.

  3. PVS says:

    Good luck, you will never be forgotten.

  4. judi(togainunochi) says:

    But if you hadn’t published the story and link, I might not have known.

  5. PVS says:
    Artist from all over the world paying tribute to the 50

  6. JB says:

    Worthy sentiment, indeed. Really, I can’t comprehend what’s happening in Fukushima, the devastation and the utter bravery of the workers there battling this catastrophe. In lieu of the magnitude of the situation, I should probably remain silent…but…what has had me perplexed from the beginning is the seeming ‘lack’ or limitedness of the response: given the unimaginable and far-reaching consequences of this disaster why aren’t we seeing, and from the start, 500 workers and 5,000 troops doing whatever it takes to resolve or limit the effects of this situation? Is it just me or is there an inability to see the big picture here? Of course, the choices are impossible and horrific, but by any measure a 1,000 lives lost or 10,000 up front justifies 100,000 lives–possibly millions–down the line and including a large swath of uninhabitable Japan? Certainly no one wants to pour new steel and concrete or attach new water lines near radiation spewing reactors and spent fuel rods, and maybe such an effort isn’t even possible, but aren’t we/they obligated to try? And the sacrifice couldn’t be more noble or more worthy? Sadly, it may be too late. I have looked and looked for editorials and analysis on this and have found nothing? Ethically, this is both tragic and compelling. My prayers are with the Fukushima 50, with all of Japan and all of us.

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