Good: The – I Got A Man

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2 Responses to Good: The – I Got A Man

  1. admin says:

    No, no, no, oh my, this is terrible. The music is fine, but the vocals are terrible. I thought perhaps it was just the heavily accented English, but I’ve listened multiple times and that, my dear, is not good singing. The “doo-doobie” back-up refrain is just the olive on the gravy that’s been poured over the cake made by the musicians.

    I love your blog but this music makes me fear for you.

    • You’re probably right about the singing. No, you are right about the singing not being the best, but then again there are plenty not so great singers who can still produce good records. I was quite enjoying this tune, and I wish you hadn’t mentioned the vocals as now I can’t help but focus on their quality! Seriously, though, thanks for comment and glad you like other parts of the blog!

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