What happened?

I used to be friends with someone who is now a reasonably big Hollywood star. He is not as famous as Brad Pitt or George Clooney or anyone like that, but he does get main character roles in Hollywood films and has become a multi-millionaire. He is also very good-looking.
We were at university together and although not best friends by any stretch of the imagination, we were in each other’s classes, had a lot of mutual friends and tended to hang out in the same bars and clubs. We started out on the same career path but both abandoned ship and neither of us now uses our degree in our current jobs. He is a wealthy movie heartthrob who has been repeatedly linked to supermodels and A-list Hollywood actresses. I am a bald man who tomorrow will be singing One Little Finger with a group of Japanese five year-olds. I’m sure we both sometimes wake up and think, “Wow, how did this happen to me?” but probably not for the same reasons.


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One Response to What happened?

  1. Biggie says:

    haha, spilled my coffee on this post 🙂

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