Good: Ginkgo Nuts

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3 Responses to Good: Ginkgo Nuts

  1. Jeffrey says:

    Have you been around when gin-nuts fall from the tree? I never encountered this in Japan (perhaps, like chestnuts, gin-nuts have been coming from China for years). However, Central Park in NYC is full of ginkos, many of which are the nut bearing variety. We’d be walking along a trail or in the road when they closed to park to traffic on Sundays, and all of a sudden we’d be assaulted with a stench worse than a Yamanote-sen platform on a Friday night.

    As they die away, the soft outer covering of ginko nuts smell like vomit. Amazing that such a wonderful semi-delicacy emerges from such a challenging package at the harvest.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    Good: Spellcheck. Bad: Ignoring those squiggly red lines under certain words.

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